Health Check & Diagnosis

Submicron Technology has a full health check support for all types of equipment moves.

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Lens & Optics replacement

Submicron Techonology offer Lens & Optics Replacement. Cost-Efficient & Fast Turnaround Time

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PCB Repair

Submicron Technology PCB Testing & Electronic Repair Sevices for Nikon Stepper Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment.

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Equipment Relocation Support

Whether it is a single system or whole Fab, we have the procedures, shipping brackets, and experience to move most semiconductor process and analytical equipment effectively.

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Semiconductor Equipment Field Service & Repair

Submicron Technology offers a variety of field service programs to accommodate all customer service requirements while enabling cost-savings by tailoring our offerings to meet your facility’s needs.

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Training and Application Support

We combines a wide range of functions to provide engineers with the skills demanded by the makers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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Nikon Steppers Spare Parts

We carry a wide selection of semiconductor parts, including Nikon stepper parts. We offer parts from brands like: Nikon

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Refurbished Equipment

Submicron Technology – We sell high quality refurbished Nikon photolithography equipment. Many informed Integrated Device Manufactures choose refurbished equipment over new.

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