Nikon Steppers Spare Parts

We carry a wide selection of semiconductor parts, including Nikon stepper parts.  We offer parts from brands like: Nikon

In addition to selling refurbished systems and parts, We  provides a full line of services from system installation, technical support and system maintenance to custom engineered parts. Our staff will work with you to identify the scope of your business and recommend a system that will best accommodate your needs. Submicron is known industry wide for its outstanding quality and customer satisfaction.

Technical Specifications

›Nikon Steppers Spare Parts 

  • NSR 2205i11
  • NSR 4425i
  • NSR 2205i12
  • NSR 2205EX12 B
  • NSR 2205i14 / EX14 / i14E2
  • NSR SCAN 202 / 203 / 204B


Nikon Spare parts

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